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Welcome to my site. I help build people up from the inside out with practical beauty tips and therapeutic tools and techniques for emotional balance.

I am a makeup artist working in the beauty and entertainment industry and have worked with A list talent such as Elle Macpherson, Joely Richardson, Anne Hathaway and Laura Linney.

Realising that beauty and makeup had a role to play in self-care and emotional wellbeing, I trained as as a Human Givens psychotherapist and I am a registered member of the Human Givens Institute (MHGI).

 I offer solid advice on all aspects of makeup and wellbeing. Follow me on Instagram @leepycroft

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“After spending decades painting peoples faces to enhance their beauty, I wanted to be able to offer skills and tools based in the latest scientific research, neuroscience, mindfulness and ancient wisdom that will help people feel a greater sense of emotional wellbeing’’

Join the #ImBack Facebook group with me and Lisa Oxenham -Marie Clarie magazines beauty & style director. There we teach insider beauty tips and therapeutic tools for emotional wellbeing. Come over and see us! 


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“I feel the work Lee is doing – integrating beauty and emotional self care – is so valuable and contributes to the wellbeing of others by sending out a message that highlights beauty from the inside out.”

Elle Macpherson | WelleCo Co Founder

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