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Photography Zoë Law @zoelawlondon


Lee Pycroft, make up artist is a highly regarded name in the beauty industry. She has worked with A-list celebrities such as Anne Hathaway, Elle Macpherson and Laura Dern and her editorial work has extended to Glamour, Tatler and Marie Claire. She has worked with some of the world’s largest cosmetic houses to present and deliver trends, information and looks to beauty press and key opinion formers. Her TV work has extended to slots on QVC through to heading the make up team for Britain’s Next Top Model.

Lee founded and runs a groundbreaking initiative called MY-Makeover that uses beauty and makeup as a form of self-care to help boost self esteem and emotional wellbeing in vulnerable sectors of society. Currently My-Makeover works alongside seven different charities creating bespoke events for their guests.

help for heroes award

Awarded to me in 2016

Passionate about emotional resilience, Lee trained in Strategic Intervention Coaching-a profound type of change work that use disciplines from multiple areas in the field of therapy and coaching to create awareness of a person’s emotional patterns, values, beliefs and human needs. It also works on a mind, body spirit level to bring about change that leads to a more fulfilling life. Lee has also been training with the Human Givens Institute to further increase her skill set. “After spending decades painting peoples faces so they look more beautiful, I wanted to be able to offer skills and tools that will help people feel a greater sense of wellbeing too

Lee was recently honoured to receive a Hero Award from Help For Heroes for the outstanding contribution and dedication MY-Makeover has contributed to their guests.



“Today, with our culture being more and more focused on selfies and physical perfection, it has never been more important to realise true beauty comes from how we feel within. Lee is a trailblazer in encouraging people to learn how to increase their self-care with positive rituals & habits to enhance their emotional well-being” – Hilary Alexander OBE

“I have known Lee for over 20 years and have always been drawn not only to her skill as an artist, but also her calm presence in a stressful environment, her ability to communicate clearly and her caring approach to others. I feel the work Lee is doing -integrating beauty and emotional self care – is so valuable and contributes to the wellbeing of others by sending out a message that highlights beauty from the inside out.” – Elle Macpherson WelleCo | Co Founder

“Lee Pycroft is an inspiration, as a makeup artist, a woman and a wellbeing counsellor. She has managed to fuse her career as a make-up artist with her skills at understanding inner beauty and self care education. Make-up is seen as outer beauty and we often disregard what is going on inside, what Lee does so successfully is she uses her amazing ability to see the end game. Her expert advise is much sought after and the combination of her skills is so unique.” – Millie Kendall MBE

“I love collaborating with Lee be it on a shoot or getting her expert quotes for a feature. Her makeup is always beautiful and she has that rare talent of making you feel good about yourself when you look into the mirror.” – Alessandra Steinherr – Beauty Director Glamour

“Lee Pycroft is a beauty genius. Not only is she incredibly creative, she knows the technical application tips to enhance the face like no other. She’s an expert with colour and her base is flawless. Lee is inspiring and fast and the perfect person to work on a busy set.” – Lisa Oxenham – Beauty Director Marie Claire