My Journey

I am an example of our intrinsic power to change our life and find purpose and meaning.

I grew up in a high drama household and ended up creating situations in my life that were familiar but unhealthy to my emotional wellbeing. This played out in my intimate relationships and through creating a high-flying, international career that I thought would lead me to feel significant and valuable – and in turn be loveable enough. These carefully planned and executed coping strategies were destined to fail when faced with one simple truth; neglect our emotional and mental wellbeing and our carefully crafted exterior will eventually crumble.

After becoming a single parent, the end of another dysfunctional relationship and the death of my mother I spiralled into a depression that led me to completely change myself and my view of the world. With all life changing experiences, it is the meaning we attach to them and the emotion we feel as a consequence that leads us to make certain decisions. Those decisions will either propel us to grow and develop or to shut down and become defeated. Through deploying the same skills I will teach you, I have transformed my life into a joyful, productive and rich experience.

The pathway to emotional resilience and wellbeing led me to study many different self development philosophies and engage in group therapy. This process uncovered the importance of adopting new healthy behaviours applied consistently each day and having a clear understanding of each individual’s needs and values. By creating sustainable and healthy ways to meet those needs and values, it is possible to rebuild our life and heal from the challenges we experience.

In my coaching I draw on my life experience, my studies with Robbins-Madanes School Of Strategic Intervention Coaching and the workshops I have completed with The Human Givens Institute. Strategic Intervention is the work of peak performance coach Tony Robbins & family therapist Cloe Madanes. In 2016 I had the privilege to also study with Cloe at her workshop in San Diego.

I have a mighty tool box of science based formulas, heartfelt understanding for the struggles we as humans encounter and a track record of success. I look forward to meeting you and sharing your journey to a more fulfilling life.