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“I am definitely feeling more positive and dare I say excited about the plans I am making! I am also less anxious.
You are amazing! Thank you again”

“Simply wow! Lee is amazing, ultra professional and easy to talk to. This lady is a rare find. Through skilful questioning, Lee has enabled me on my journey, to get super clear on areas of my life that have been causing me upset or dissatisfaction. The skills I have learnt have made me more robust, positive and determined – I am forever grateful Lee xx”
Sian – makeup artist – London

“Having a coaching/ therapy session with Lee was a completely new experience for me. I was able to totally relax and go through my emotions without feeling vulnerable. This is definitely a treatment I would recommend to others suffering from anxiety or trauma. Thank you Lee Pycroft”
Rewind Therapy client.

“After years of therapy i didn’t think there would be much left to be uncovered but lee’s gentle, relaxed curiosity allowed me to find what I was missing in life and how to put the joy and fun back in. Thanks Lee”
Sian – Healthcare Provider – London

“Lee’s calmness and non-judgemental presence allowed me to be totally honest with her. She makes the complicated easy and gets me out of my head with incredible insights and simple techniques which have given life changing results”
Sarah – Artist – London

“A friend recommended I contact Lee about some life coaching sessions. I was sceptical initially but as I was feeling stagnant in many areas of my life I was willing to take the ‘ it can’t do any harm’ attitude.
I have to say that having met Lee I feel far more able to process and put into place my thoughts & actions and have gained confidence in many ways.
Lee managed to decode my negative patterns and help me establish once again a positive, forward thinking mindset. It has been a real insight and rewarding experience and I totally would recommend Lee to anyone”
Ceri – Online Supervisor – London

“I highly recommend coaching with Lee Pycroft. She has really helped me navigate some tough times. Whatever your concerns, whatever might be bothering you, even if you are not sure what the issue is- Lee can help.”
Emma G – Host of Emma G Show on iTunes/Beauty Journalist