MY-Makeover Initiative.

I founded MY-Makeover in 2013. It is where my team and I use our extensive beauty & makeup knowledge as a form of self care to support the emotional wellbeing of those in vulnerable sectors of society.

Rather then focusing on one sector, I work with several communities & charities as I feel strongly that no one human challenge is any more worthy of a MY-Makeover experience than another.

My view is that when environment, community, touch, support & beauty treatments are combined, there is a shift in a person’s emotional wellbeing. When someone leaves their familiar environment they can become more open to new ideas and often adopt different ways of thinking. This, combined with bringing people together where there is commonality ( between the group) and a sense of community, fulfils the need for belonging and connection. We are there to listen without judgement as sometimes people just want to be heard or talk about something unrelated to the challenges they are facing. The power of touch is well known to be an antidote to emotional issues and the variety, fun and the polished result of a range of beauty & makeup treatments gives people the opportunity to reconnect with themselves.

The ripple effect of MY-Makeover runs deep. We have heard stories such as the simple act of a woman buying herself a nail polish after a MY-Makeover session, sparking a new found confidence and consideration towards her own self-care and of new supportive friends being made in a fun, safe and caring environment.

My-Makeover has not only helped me climb out of my own emotional challenges by contributing to others but also brought joy to all those who have both given and received the service. I am forever grateful to the people who have trusted me enough to share their story and I am unfailingly in awe of the resilience of the human spirit.

Being of service is the greatest form of art there is.” Oprah Winfrey.