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“I would like to say a very big thank you. I can’t remember the last time I felt good about myself.”

“Just a few hours has made such a big difference, I didn’t have any sadness just joy. I never thought that a simple pamper time could make such a big impact.”

The Good Grief Trust

“We had the most fabulous evening last night with all these gorgeous women. I can’t thank Lee enough for helping to pamper, preen and spoil so many of us in WAY widowedandyoung.org.uk with her team of professionals….brushes in hand they were ready to make everyone feel special at a time in their lives when it is so very much appreciated. The work Lee does with her MY -Makeover events, (www.leepycroft.co.uk) offering those who have gone through tough times a sense of well being through make up, massage & treatments, really is inspirational.”

“It’s hugely therapeutic, a fabulous confidence boost and above all, it brings us all together to share, laugh and bond – Amazing!! ..”

“Felt so much better and more glamorous afterwards”!

“Thank you SO much you can’t imagine what strength, comfort and a bit more confidence it gave me but also I was so moved seeing and meeting so many incredible women”

W.A.Y Facilitator

“Lee did my make over at Solace Women’s Aid on NYE  and I cannot thank her enough; she really gave me the confidence boost I so desperately needed. As somebody who is recovering from years of domestic violence, my self-esteem has been at an all time low and I have felt worthless a lot of the time, so the fabulous make over I had really helped me feel the happiest in my own skin I have felt in a long time. I actually felt so good having been made to feel so glamourous, that I decided to go out to a New Years Eve party that night, whereas usually I shy away from social events – and you can imagine how amazing I felt when I was showered with compliments over my new look! I cannot recommend the MY-Makeover charity enough to fellow ladies in a similar position myself; Lee and the MY-Makeover team are professional and so friendly that I immediately felt comfortable. My confidence was so bad I did not even want to be seen without make up as my ex-partner often called me ugly. It was such a relief that Lee assured me I was beautiful, and complimented my skin and features throughout my pamper session. Lee also gave me some great tips on how to apply some of the products she used on me, and I’m looking forward to experimenting with some new make up in the future. Lee is a very warm, lovely lady and the work she does is amazing and makes such a difference.

Lee, bless you and thank you once again”

Solace Service User

“I found the pampering sessions to be really healing. Recovery (from domestic abuse), though a blessing and totally necessary, wears me down at times but the pampering sessions have given me some major upliftment at those times on the journey when I’ve really needed it. They’ve actually given me the faith to go on sometimes. The grind of recovery can be such a mountain climb- those of us who are lucky enough to even get on the mountain. The pampering sessions give a welcome and unexpected break during the tougher climbs, for body, mind and soul. The therapists are professional and caring and the sessions offer a place of rest in all ways”

Solace Service User

“I cannot thank you and your team enough for supporting the Feel Good Day and contributing so much to its success.  Everyone had a great time, patients, staff and families so thank you. It would be great to have you along again in the New Year as more of these days are something everyone wants.”

Sian Evans – Royal Trinity Hospice

“A huge thank you again to you and your wonderful team for providing a wonderful day of pampering for our lovely ladies. You cannot imagine how much it meant to them. Several were back the next day for their weekly visit in the Day Hospice and said what a difference it made to their sense of wellbeing. You do a fab job! Thank you”

Karen McEvoy – Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice

“I think it was so very kind of all the ladies. They made us all feel and look like royalty. Thank you all so much for giving us all a wonderful day”

Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice Guest

“Thank you doesn’t seem anywhere near adequate for what you provided for us today.

I’m sorry we left suddenly, one of the women became quite emotional. Not for anything bad, she was just overwhelmed to be pampered, she said that she had not experienced that before. We went outside to comfort her and ended up going back to the refuge.
All the women send their immense gratitude for everything you did for us. I wish you all the best and hope you always come across the same kindness that you show to people in need.

Lots of prayers have been sent your way from the women in both refuges. We’ve also had more tears, but of joy; they said it was the best day they have had in a long time.”

Service Manager. Refuge.

“It has been a real pleasure working with Lee and all the women from My Makeover. They have been really professional right from the word go; organised, dedicated and so easy to work with. The make-up artists have been really understanding about the trauma of the women we work with, eager to learn more and have worked hard to provide a service that is tailored to the needs of our clients. The work that they do speaks for itself- after our clients attend a pampering session they look in the mirror and smile at their own reflection, for many of them the first time in years, and walk out of our office with their heads held high and a little bit of their confidence restored. The service goes a long way in renewing their sense of pride and belief in themselves after experiencing domestic abuse.

As an organisation that aims to empower survivors of domestic abuse, I cannot speak highly enough about the work that My Makeover does to bring our clients a little bit of hope and self-belief and I know it makes our jobs easier knowing that after a woman gives evidence in a complex court case or is having a difficult time we can offer them a tiny bit of sanctuary and relief through these sessions. Thank you MY-Makeover!”

Laura Dix – Solace Womens Aid

“I wanted to write to say thanks a million again for delivering the makeup workshop with us this quarter. The service users absolutely loved it and couldn’t have been more thrilled.”

Cary Marshall – Life Skills Worker, Eaves

“The workshop has helped me to cheer up as I was feeling emotional this morning. The facilitators were lovely. Would embrace another workshop in applying make up.”

Eaves Service User

“Workshop was very uplifting. Learnt some useful tips and so grateful for the goody bag. THANK YOU!”

Eaves Service User

“The artist made me feel really special -she really did a wonderful job. She made me feel and look 20 years younger”

Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice Guest

“Thanks to all for an amazing afternoon. Sian and I had a fantastic time. Everyone was sooooo nice, helpful and really interested in what we had to say whilst having our makeovers. Lovely people and such a nice thing to do. Thanks Lee to you and your gang!! Not forgetting the lovely cream tea.”

Jessica – Help For Heroes Service user

“Thank you so much for all your time and effort you’ve put into all of the pamper days. It’s such a treat to visit a beautiful venue as well as being pampered. You made sure everyone made the most of it and the addition of the afternoon tea and the goodie boxes were absolutely fabulous! Your hard work and dedication is really really appreciated”

- Help For Heroes Service user

“I was extremely pleased with the workshop. I was unsure if I would be able to apply the makeup myself, but Claire was very assertive, gentle and encouraging. She also made the process fun and easy to do. I’ve left the workshop feeling very good about myself and beautiful from the inside out. Thank you very much for everything.”

Eaves Service User

“Lee and the team are not only extremely talented make up artists but more importantly they are incredible with the ladies. They leave the evening looking a million dollars but also feeling a millions dollars as the team make them feel so comfortable and relaxed – huge thank you to MY-Makeover!”

Zoe Cooper – Regional BoB/BoS Coordinator-South East – Help for Heroes

“I was lucky enough that the pamper evening landed on my Birthday! Thank you ladies for making my day so extra special – I even learnt new eye make up skills! Bingo! I will forever be a makeup minx :)”

BoS Service User

“I had a wonderful makeover session with Lee at a Help for Heroes Band of Sisters Event. She was incredibly knowledgeable about all aspects of products, had a huge range to work from and was very patient as I bombarded her with all kinds of skincare and beauty questions! Lee is clearly very passionate about her work and I would thoroughly recommend it!”

BoS Service User

“What a difference 45 minutes of individual attention and pampering can make to a woman’s sense of self. For 9 courageous ladies, all of whom are struggling with the knowledge that either they or someone they love has a terminal illness, the gift of time and positive affirmation of their femininity was priceless.

“This was an amazing day”; “A real treat for me”; “ I feel like a new person!” – Testimony to how they felt afterwards.

Lee and her 2 colleagues, undaunted by some potential physical challenges, transformed their appearance, passing on simple tips as well as encouraging words. The timing was perfect for 2 ladies, one of whom had spent the morning in hospital waiting for her next scan (just what she needed) and another who was excited about her date later that evening. A big thank you on their behalf.”

Karen – Phyllis Tuckwell Memorial Hospice

“Thanks to MY-Makeover for an amazing day on Sunday. It was so nice to meet some many lovely people there, and the ladies doing the hair/nails etc were all so friendly. It was lovely to have such a chilled out, relaxing afternoon and the chance to have my hair and nails done was an added bonus. I loved going out to the theatre afterwards all made up, and some of my friends didn’t recognise me at first with my curly hair! Thanks again Lee for organising such a fab day.”

Shona – Help For Heroes Service user

“Both my mum and I had an amazing time on Sunday. Thank you so so much. It was relaxing, a confidence boost and was just what we needed. It was great meeting other WIS service personnel too. We left feeling a million dollars so thank you for organising it all and to the girls that gave up their Sunday. Afternoon tea was scrummy. Can’t wait to see all the pics.”

Help For Heroes Service user

“Our sincere thanks to lee and her team for the excellent treatment that we received from everyone concerned we had a great day and felt really good afterwards….again a massive thank you to Lee, her team. THANK YOU”

Help For Heroes Service user