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Welcome to this part of my site. If you are struggling with emotional upset you want to feel better, quickly and safely and progress forwards as effectively as possible. We all go through life challenges, it is part of the human experience. It is what we decide to make them mean and the decisions we take as a consequence that will help us progress and create a life of fulfilment and growth. Whatever you are feeling right now, know that there is always a choice to be made and another perspective available.

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How I can help you.

I am a Human Givens Psychotherapist (trainee) HG Dip. This is a solution focused therapy tailored to each individual. Rather than spending unnecessary time dwelling on painful memories, I help my clients reconnect to their resources, activate their strengths and abilities so they can feel more confident to cope with the challenges they are facing. Sometimes a person may have lost touch with their own talents or they may be misusing some of them, like their imagination by worrying too much. The techniques I am trained in are based on the latest scientific research, neuroscience and incorporate some mindfulness and ancient wisdom too. Human Givens Psychotherapy is bound by a code of ethics and recognised by The Professional Standards Authority.

What to expect.

First I listen to your story and understand the world from your perspective. I won’t spend unnecessary time delving into your past unless aspects of it are impacting the way you are living today. I will help you focus on getting your emotional needs met as when these are in balance life feels good. I will help you set positive, accessible and needs orientated goals for your life now and in the future as this will help you move forwards. I will offer you my insights and expertise and explore various ways you can improve the areas of your life that are of concern to you.

Our first meeting.

Human Givens Psychotherapy is an accessible, warm and human approach. It takes courage to open up and ask for support and I am here to help you make that process as easy as possible. During our meeting I will teach you simple and effective relaxation techniques that work with the bodies nervous system so you can feel more relaxed quickly. When calm, we can see a broader perspective on what is challenging us and access possible solutions to our struggles. My aim is to have you feeling better after the first meeting and to help you move forwards in as few sessions as possible.

How many sessions.

The amount of sessions varies depending on what you are looking to achieve. The average number is 4-6 but depending on your circumstances you may need more or less. Together we can decide after each session if you want to come back so you are in control and therapy will not be unduly costly or time consuming.


I see clients in Fulham Broadway and in Kingston Upon Thames. FaceTime sessions can also be arranged.

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