Are you person that worries a-lot? Worry is the cause of emotional needs that are not met and over time worrying excessively can become a habit.

Set aside half an hour a day at a time convenient for you (but not just before bed) in which to do all your worrying. If a worry pops into your head before the allotted time, dismiss it from your mind and tell yourself you will think about that later on, when you’re allowed to worry. People often find it easier not to worry when they know they’ve got the time to worry later.

In your ‘worry half hour’ you can do all the pointless worrying you want. If you find, during your worry time that there are some steps you can take to deal with what is worrying you then you might want to use the time to do those, and if you find you want to stop worrying before 30 minutes is up, then cut short the worrying time.

Write your worries down then put them in order of priority. Whatever one is the most important to you work on that one first. If that feels too big then break it down into steps and commit to taking one action towards solving the problem.

But remember, you have used up your worrying time for the day and you’re not allowed to make up this time tomorrow.

Good luck and let me know how you get on.