I took this picture when I was out shopping with my daughter. We were in a vintage clothes shop and this message was stuck on the mirror. 

Looking in the mirror can bring up a variety of responses and many of us will see something we don’t like. Having worked in an industry that is responsible for many of the idealised images that we are all exposed to I feel the message portrayed can me mixed. Magazines and social media may advocate self – love and acceptance but are also loaded with images of human perfection and are often filled with features and posts on how to get a better booty, toned arms and a smaller waist. All this content has its place but if we aren’t mindful the relentless exposure can also leave us amplifying our perceived shortcomings or falling into the comparison trap.  

What can we do if we find ourselves preoccupied with a part of our body? 

Mirror exposure therapy can be used when a person is at the more extreme end and has become fixated on a particular body part. Maybe they won’t engage in activities due to worrying about what others will think or spend hours trying to dress a certain way so they can hide the perceived flaw.

Mirror therapy involves observing ourselves repeatedly and for prolonged periods in a mirror. At first, our image evokes negative emotions and critical thoughts. Then, with prolonged and repeated mirror exposures, the negative reactions change and lessen. Noticing any sensations in our body, being able to stay calm and challenge any tyrannical and critical thinking can help start to break down and question our fears and beliefs.

Questions that can be helpful to ask : .

What would I be doing if I let go of this belief about my body now?

What are the benefits of letting it go?

What are the benefits of keeping the belief? 

What would I need to belief to let go and move on?

What is one step I could take towards resolving this issue and how would I know it had Improved?

With so much in life the change starts with a shift inside us -which we can then start to manifest in the real world.